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Our traditional French jams & jellies

The CASSANDRINE House jam establishment (Sarl CROPSAL), the oldest of the Pyrenees, located in the south west of France, near Pau and Tarbes perpetuates an age-old tradition : the hand-made production of jams, jellies, compotes, coulis, chutneys and honeys.
The Aquitaine region is a major tourist area where gastronomy has a great reputation. The culinary tradition is strong there, and the country of good living is illustrated by incomparable local products and regional specialities such as our premium sweets : Black cherries, Armagnac oranges, Jurançon peaches and many other flavors that delight young and old alike !

CASSANDRINE, Craftsmen of the taste...

Our manufacturing design of our jams and jellies is entirely focused on the optimal recovery of the flavors and tastes that we have experienced during our childhood.

With us, to make a good jam, we retain only what Mother Nature best gives us in its fruits.
Fruits with chosen maturity and of wide varieties that we select through the different French regions but also throughout the world.

Our knowledge of the trade, our requirement, our imagination, our creativity, our love for things well done, and our adaptation capacity exist to meet all your needs...

You will then understand why CASSANDRINE home-made sweetnesses are so close to our great memories, and so respectful of the Pyrenees culinary art and why numerous renowned customers have them selected to please you from the breakfast !

Our Specialities...

Jams & jellies

We offer a very wide range of high-quality sweets manufactured according to the old way, combining a subtle marriage of traditional flavors and numerous originalities that will delight young and old alike.

Packagings and services :

  • Cylindrical jars with 330 grams format (standard in permanent stock)
  • Cylindrical jars with 110 grams format (standard in permanent stock)

Upon order :

  • Hexagonal jars : 120 and 335 grams format
  • Cylindrical jars of the "Linéa" line : 120, 180 and 200 grams format
  • Cylindrical jars : 800 grams and 4 kilograms format for restaurant, owners and confectioners

Additional services to our customers :

  • Specific containers - custom (consult us)
  • Specific packagings (small cardboard cases, plastic cases, wicker baskets, boxes, etc.)
  • Custom labeling (company logos, labels for weddings, christenings, corporate gifts, clubs, associations...)

Fruit jellies

We offer delicious fruit jellies made according to the old way, with traditional flavors :

  • multi-colored fruit jellies (with 8 different flavors) in clear polypropylene bag of 250 grams
  • single flavor fruit jellies in a one kilogram bag so you can make compositions and packages of your choice yourself
  • special packagings - custom (consult us)
  • customized labels (consult us)


We propose a selection of honeys from the Pyrenees. These honeys are made by hand.
They are packaged in three different sizes of cylindrical containers :

  • 125 grams
  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams

We offer the following flavors :

  • Acacia
  • Orange tree
  • Linden
  • Rosemary
  • Flowers of the Pyrenees

Like for the jams and fruit jellies, we can make custom labels and special packagings.